Administrative Orders
Administrative Order Number
2020-037 Assignment of Traffic Cases in Pinellas County
2020-020 Reassignment of Cases from Traffic Court to County or Circuit Court – Pinellas
2020-005 Civil Traffic Infraction Hearing Officers
2017-032 Civil Traffic Infraction Hearing Officer Program - Pinellas County
2015-061 Parking Tickets
2015-039 Assignment of Criminal, Juvenile Delinquency, Juvenile Dependency, and Traffic Cases in Pasco County
2010-076 Vehicle Immobilization

Civil Traffic Infraction Hearing Officer Program Pasco County

Traffic Violations Bureau - Pasco County
PI-CTY-98-06 Traffic Violations Bureau - Pinellas County
PI-CTY-98-02 Contempt - Traffic Cases
PI-CTY-98-01 Child Restraint Safety Program
87-14 Deferred Payment Schedules and Delinquency Fees in Traffic

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