Administrative Orders
Administrative Order Number
Rescinded by Administrative Order Number
2019-001 1/3/19 Appointment of Referee (Thomas Ramsberger) in The Fla. Bar vs. Moein Marashi, SC18-2097  
2019-002 1/4/19 Appointment of Referee (Mansfield) in The Fla. Bar Re: Cathy Lynn Harrison, SC18-2078  
2019-003 1/4/19 Appointment of Referee (Groger) in The Fla. Bar Re: Eric Andrew Mader, SC18-2128  
2019-004 1/23/19 Mortgage Foreclosure Procedures Update – January 2019  
2019-005 1/23/19 Guardianship  
2019-006 1/23/19 Order Authorizing Use of Complaint/Arrest Affidavit and Countywide Mandated Notice to Appear Form  
2019-007 1/23/19 Pasco County Canvassing Board Appointment  
2019-008 2/5/19 Reassignment of Cases from Traffic Court to County or Circuit Court - Pinellas  
2019-009 2/5/19 Appointment of Referee (Matthey) in The Fla. Bar Re: David Drake Sharpe, SC19-2145  
2019-010 2/1319 General Magistrates and Child Support Enforcement Hearing Officers  
2019-011 2/19/19 Appointment of Referee (Susan G. Barthle) in the Fla. Bar vs. Linda Schneider Faingold SC19-259  
2019-012 3/5/19 Pinellas Circuit Court Judicial Assignments - April 1, 2019  
2019-013 3/5/19 Appointment of Judges to Hear Certain Misdemeanors and Local Ordinance Violations for Veterans at a Satellite Location  
2019-014 3/8/19 Appointment of Pinellas County Law Library Board Members  
2019-015 3/8/19 Acting Chief Judge (Bulone - from 5:01 p.m., Friday, March 15, 2019, through 8:00 a.m., Thursday, March 21, 2019.) Rescinds Self
2019-016 3/21/19 Appointment of Circuit Judges as Acting County Judges, Appointment of County Judges as Acting Circuit Judges, and Appointment of County Judges as Acting County Judges in Another County Rescinds Self
2019-017 3/21/19 Proceedings to Prohibit Purchase of Firearms by the Mentally Ill  
2019-018 3/21/19 Appointment of Referee (Covert) in The Fla. Bar v. Frank T. Blainey, SC19-372  

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